Liturgical Music Ministry

“The point isn’t about building a music program anyway. It’s about moving the congregation beyond the position of musical consumers, who are either delighted or comforted or bored or offended by the music and helping them become worshipers. At the same time, it’s about growing musicians from performers with a “gig” mentality into worship leaders. And, it’s about worship through song”. Rebuilt, 99

The liturgical musicians’ work is to support the prayer of the people. Musicians share in this work when they offer their time and talent to support the most important prayer of the Church. The term musician applies to both vocalists and instrumentalists. The Cantors are those who provide musical leadership to the assembly during the celebration of the Eucharist through leading the sung prayer. This includes providing vocal as well as physical support to the community’s sung prayer. Together the musicians, cantors, and vocalists have the unique privilege of being an instrument of Christ's Real Presence at such a vital faith moment.

Maria Lanakila music ministry is guided under the leadership of Filomena Binanua who is also the liturgy director. Our music ministry comprised of Tongan Music ministry who sings on Saturdays at 5:30pm Masses, Hawaiian Music Ministry singing on Sundays at 7:00am Masses and on last Sundays (Sacred Hearts Mission), and Maria Lanakila Choir singing on Sundays at 8.30 am, 10:30 am and at 5.30pm Masses.

Please call Director of Music Ministry Filomena Binanua @ 661-0552  if you would like to be part of any of this ministry.

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