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The Church as one Body with different parts


The Pastoral Council of Maria Lanakila Parish

The purpose and goal of the Pastoral Council is to work as a group of lay leaders and supportive parishioners to work together with the Pastor to build a better parish for all and to fulfill the parish mission statement

Their purpose also is to hear the needs of the parishioners and through prayer, discussion, planning and action to assist the Pastor in meeting the needs and support for the parish. In addition they must also be aware of the greater community; not just locally, but all peoples and be part of bringing the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ to them.

The Council meets monthly and you may contact anyone on the Council with your thoughts or concerns .


Finance Council

The purpose of the parish finance council is to advise and assist the pastor in the administration of the temporal goods of the parish. The members of the finance council are to commit to fulfill their duties in sound legal (civil and canonical) and moral manner, to function with a concern for Christian justice and a concern for the poor and those in need (canon 1285), to maintain confidentiality and to study the social teachings of the Church, especially in regard to labor issues (canon 1286). The parish finance council is to work collaboratively with the parish pastoral council, which is responsible for assisting the pastor in the development of the parish pastoral plan that guides the development of the parish budget.


Liturgy Committee

Liturgy committee exists principally to enhance the living experience of the people of God as they come together in yearning to sustain the vision of a kingdom come in Jesus Christ. The Committee has to plan and put all things together in accordance with the church’s norms and the people’s needs. 

The revised General Instruction of the Roman Missal (G.I.R.M.) notes clearly and acknowledges that since liturgy is the primary and indispensable source from which the faithful are to derive the true Christian Spirit...the entire celebration is planned in such a way that it leads to a conscious, active and full participation of the faithful both in body and mind (No. 17).Since liturgy is at the heart of all parish life, the liturgy committee and its work need to be among the highest priorities.

The liturgy committee is responsible for the liturgical life of the parish as a whole. It does the planning and practice for the year and special occasions. They also evaluate the liturgical life and the practice of the parish.


Building and Ground Committee

The building and ground committee is formed in order to help the pastor in his responsibility to plan and maintain the entire property of the Church. Their skills and knowledge will contribute toward this goal. They will help in the short and long term planning, and bring to the notice of the pastor the concern of the parishioners regarding parish facilities.


Stewardship Committee

Stewardship means a way of living. It is not focused on our temporal or temporary needs such as facilities and debt. It recognizes the innate spiritual desire to give. This desire lies within all our hearts. Our loving God created us in His image with the potential-and expectation –to share our gifts with the world around us. It is an attitude.  Once one chooses to become a disciple of Jesus Christ, stewardship is not an option but a must.  Jesus’ invitation to follow him is addressed to people of every time and condition.

In order to help the people to respond to the Lord with their time, talent and treasure through different ways within the parish context, the stewardship committee of the parish will plan, create programs and encourage the parishioners towards being a good and responsible steward to the Lord.





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